The best time to visit Matheran is during the cooler months of October to May, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Matheran experiences distinct seasons that can affect your visit

Winter (October to February):

This is a popular time to visit due to the cool and pleasant weather. Days are comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities, while nights can get chilly.


Spring (March to April):

Spring is also a good time to visit as the weather remains pleasant. It’s a great time for trekking and nature walks.


Summer (May):

Matheran offers relief from the scorching summer heat in nearby cities. Although it can get a bit warm during the daytime, the evenings remain pleasant.


Monsoon (June to September):

Monsoon in Matheran typically occurs from June to September. It’s a beautiful time to visit the hill station as the lush greenery comes to life, and the waterfalls are in full flow. However, be prepared for heavy rainfall and some disruptions in transportation during this season. Make sure to check the weather conditions before planning your trip.